Halloween Project

I had to make a pumpkin for a contest at work. I love vintage Halloween and I saw a similar project in a magazine. So I decided to give it a go! He is made with 3 craft pumpkins that were spray painted black. A feather boa around his neck to keep him warm. Rather then carving his face we used a textured paste to create it. His hat is made from card stock that I swiped with gold ink and made black dots. Large chenille stems for his arms and a clay flower pot for the base. It was fun and I love him! No we did not win the district contest but what the heck! He was getting banged up at work and losing his parts. I brought him home for safe keeping! He stands nearly 3 feet tall!

It Rained Last Night!!!

I have been living in Las Vegas for nearly a year and a half and it has only rained twice. It rained very hard here last night and it was unreal! Streets flood, backyards flood and the roads are very slick like driving on ice covered roads back East. It was very pleasant this morning. Birds were singing and having fun in the bird bath. The smell from the rain was very refreshing and the grass was so green! You are on very strict watering here in the desert. So this rain was like a windfall to the plant life here.

Halloween ATC Swap

Careful when you click on them they are big files and a little blurry BUT i warned ya! New scanner and i still don't know how to use it properly! LOL! High tech! Go figure! And I did small images! EEEEEEEK!

New Art Work this is so different!!

It's been a while since I posted any of my new art work lately. I have been so busy. I have been taking a cake decorating class and here is my first cake. Ok no flowing fountains LOL!! But it's coming.

My daughter Gennifer is also doing this with me. She is not a crafty person at all but when she said she would do this I said ALL RIGHT!!

So here is her first cake! Not bad al all!!!!

I forgot to take pics of the cute little clown cupcakes we made last week. Darn! Every one ate them before I got a chance to snap them! LOL!!

Have to moderate comments

Why do some of these people think they can get away with posting their silly links in the comment section of our blogs? I mean come on folks! So now I have to moderate comments. That is too bad. But whatcha gonna do?

I feel bad doing this but I have more important things to do then have to go back and delete them. As long as we have the internet there will always be those low lives that have nothing better to do then spam an art blog!


Just having fun!

Another ATC that I did for the polka dot challenge

Introducing Nia! Another ATC that I did for the challenge.

Bird House Row

The ending to a perfect day!

Some times a picture is worth a 1000 words. I think this one falls into that category. This is my 2 year old grand daughter Kennedy after a very busy day.

Rubber Stamp Artist

I used to make cards long long ago and just loved it. Since I have fallen in love with altered arts, collage, mixed media I have gotten away from it.

There is a very talented gal who's blog that I look forward to reading and that is Michelle Zindorf. If you want to be WOWED and inspired and learn many rubber stamp techniques you must visit her blog: click here

You will NOT be disappointed viewing her blog!

Have a great day every one. I have a crazy day ahead of me!


Ok so now I have to eat my words? They finally started to send me my emails to the blogs that I subscribe to and at first OMG they were AWFUL!

BUT....I received my email yesterday and WOW!!!!! Great guns! There were pictures, links and words that I could read!

WAY TO GO RSS FWD!!! Good job! And ok this format is soooooooo much better!

So I will use a fork and knife to eat my words!
Everyone have a GREAT WEEKEND!

Altered Arts E-magazine Issue 4 Get the latest FREE Issue

Have you gotten the latest issue yet? You can for free at "The MailBox Muse". In this issue I posted the completed ATC's that I created using the Portfolio Series Oil Pastels for my backgrounds. The completed ATC's used images from Paper Imagery Designs. You can find the tutorial here.

Blogrithym is gone!

UGH! The other day I received an email telling me that blogrithym was bought by someone else and the transition would go smoothly and you would continue to receive your daily emails of the blogs that you subscribe to. OK 4 days have gone by and nothing! COME ON!!! There were many sites that I subscribed to and enjoyed them so much. Not one email not one update! Why do they have to go and change a good thing? UGH!~ So what happens to the folks that subscribe to my blog or to your blog? Probably in cyber space some where. Maybe they will get it fixed or not.

Oh well what can you do? Send an email? HA! Would they listen to ya. Probably not.

Another week of BOGO sale and lower shipping rate.

Buy One get one Free is on again for another week!!!!!

Being the co-owner of a company is lots of work. But our customers come first and we want to be certain that their needs are met and always number one with us.

Mel is always working in the background creating our collage sheets from the ideas that we get from you. We have added so many new sheets. ATC backgrounds, ATC house shaped transparencies and so many sheets of inchies! Each sheet is professionally printed using a laser printer to give you a quality image to use for an image transfers.

New shipping rates: Our plan is to get our product to you as quickly as possible and is always first with us. All US orders are sent via USPS Priority mail.

Sending Internationally or to Canada can be costly. So we have CHANGED our policy for International and Canadian sales to actual shipping costs still using USPS. Once you have placed your order we will invoice you for the ACTUAL shipping plus a small handling fee. Our packages will go First Class Air Mail via USPS. If our International and Canadian customers purchase 13 or more sheets WE will pay for the insurance on the package.

If you would like to check out our sheets you can visit us at:

Paper Imagery Designs.

Some new art work for theme challenges..

I got a little time to play a couple of days ago and thought I would post some of my art work for some of the weekly challenges.

Theme Thursday is "girls" so I made this ATC using images from Paper Imagery Designs.

For "Think Monday - Think ATC I made this ATC. The theme was "Heroes" and I think that ALL mothers are. Image from Paper Imagery Designs.

Wednesday Stamper's theme is "Art it Up" so here is my piece for that one. Image and also Egg background are both from Paper Imagery Designs.

Last but not least Mixed Media Monday's theme was to use a transparency and I made a birthday card for a friend of mine back home in NY. Transparency used is from Paper Imagery Designs.

thanks for taking the time to stop by for a visit! Hope to be a little bit more active in my art work. No art work can make a girl cranky and feeling displaced :(

thank you for your many emails...

I can't thank you all enough for all the heart warming emails that I have received. I could not think of anyone more special then my art friends to share my exciting news.

Peace to all!


Announcing the Design Team!

Paper Imagery Designs is proud to announce our new Design Team!

You can see them here!

On the Cover of the Magazine!!!!

I am so excited and very proud
to be on the cover of the May/June 08 Issue of
Altered Arts Magazine


If you would like to order this months magazine you can order it from Paper Imagery Designs while supplies last!

Altered Letter

I had fun altering this letter the other night. I made this for a little gal who wanted something for her best friends birthday. I wanted to create something girlish and sweet! I think the images capture that. Joanna comes over often to my house and loves to do art. I was honored that she asked me to do this. I think her friend Debbie will love it!

It is made from MDF and you can get them at Michaels.

I painted it with acrylics and then outlined and shaded with the oil pastels and inks. Used rub ons for the words.

Images are from Paper Imagery Designs

May 1st is almost here...

There is so much planning to start your own business. Mel and I have been in a tail spin this last couple of weeks. And of course there is the day to day routine that we both have to do. Working, cooking, cleaning, the kids etc. etc. My son in law has been a doll setting up our site and putting up with two women that keep changing their minds about this and that. He certainly deserves a medal for his patience.

It's almost ready! We are putting on our best dresses on for the gala affair of our grand opening that will take place on May 1st, 2008 @ Midnight EST time. Look for a great special that we will run for the entire month of May.

I hope you can stop by even just to visit us at:

You wont see too much right now!

Many applications have arrived...

We are happy to say that we have had several applications for the new Design Team at Paper Imagery Designs. We are also sad that we can't have everyone on the team. We are going to pick 4 for these positions on May 3. It will not be easy! So if you have not applied please do so by May 1st.

The applications have spanned the globe! Isn't wonderful how the internet can bring us all together!

The lucky recipients will receive an email from us on the 3rd of May. So watch your email!

OOPS! My apologies!

Please anyone can apply for our Design Team. I made a boo boo when I posted to the lists. So anyone can apply.

Thank you so much for understanding the click of a button. Has not been my week for that.


Paper Imagery Design was created from the heart. We are the combination of a dynamic mother-daughter team and have created images for use in your art work. Whether it is for ATC’s, altered books, collage, creating keepsake cards, or mixed media you certainly will be delighted to use our images.

Paper Imagery Designs is looking for a couple of designers. We are looking for dedicated designers that love to make keepsake cards, ATC's, altered books, 4x4's and enjoy doing altered projects. If you would like to be considered for our design team please send us an e-mail to with the requested information below:

2 ATC's

2 cards

and 2 current altered projects

Full name and contact information.
Links to any current online galleries, resumes and or blog galleries
List of current design teams that you may be on.
Short bio of yourself and why you would like to be a part of our team.

Please send submissions to us by May 1st and designers will be notified no later then May 3rd.

Paper Imagery Design design team members will be expected to:
Create projects with our current and future product lines.
Write up directions for your art work.
Commit 6 months of your time to PID.
Submit projects for publication and to our online site gallery.
Promote Paper Imagery Designs and company products by posting your projects on online galleries and blogs.

In return for your time and work:
You will receive monthly packages of products from us
Your photo and bio on our website

We can’t wait to see you submissions. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us at

Applications will only be accepted by the above email addy.

For more info please visit our blog and to get a sneak peak

Paper Imagery Designs
Lori & Melissa

What a mess!!!

It's long story but some how, some way I messed up my email program BIG TIME!! I lost all my email contacts! All my Mail Rules and filtering folders and I am fit too be tied! So if you have sent me an email in the past week and have not heard from me please email me again. I have those that came in the last 2 days...but there were other emails that I had not had a chance to answer and wanted to do them personally.


I guess this happens to all of us! Ah don't you just love with the click of one button "BAM" it's all gone!


Portfolio Series Oil Pastels Tutorial

If you are looking for the tutorial you will find it at my Altered Arts Magazine Blog.

Click here!

Hope to see you there!

Image Transfer of Sarah

Having fun with my canvas boards. I was at Dick Blicks a couple of weeks ago and bought a bunch of 6x6 canvas panels. It is a much larger size for me to play with so what the heck. Still playing with my Portfolio oil pastels I made this one of Sarah. I transferred the image onto the canvas panel using Dick Blick brand gel medium and it worked perfectly!!! The image is a laser print not ink jet.

I often wondered why people like to do transfers? What is the purpose of this technique? WELL!! Let me tell you once you do this you will never go back! LOL!!! The image becomes embedded into the canvas. No messy glues or tape to play around with. It takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it you are hooked! If you have not tried it yet you have to!

Here are some tips that I learned along the way...make sure that your background that you are applying your image to is not too dark. The transfer becomes very transparent and you can see through it. As in this one you can see the music paper in the lighter areas of the image. I like the way it looks.

I like to let my image dry first before I take the paper off. I can almost guarantee that it will work perfectly everytime for me. Sometimes if you rub too hard you will take that delicate image off your surface. Been there done that! :) It really is up to the artist and what they want for thier piece of art work.

I have read in many places about this technique that you learn how much or how little to put on. This is was explained to me that it is like spreading mayo or mustard on your sandwich. You do not want globs of the gel medium or dry spots but an even coat. (Who wants globs or dry spots on their sandwich??) Make sense? Just use that indisposable tool that you have your trusty finger and slide that gel medium evenly all over the front of your image, slap it down where you want it (image and gel medium face down) and the next thing that is VERY important is to burnish that image. I have an old brayer that I use. Do this until you know that the image has come in contact with your surface, and its ok if the gel medium oozes out. You want that. It is smoothing out the gel medium so you don't have any lumps underneath.

So now I wait for it to dry. I usually am at my desk with my computer and go play a game of solitary until it is dried. Using that indispensable tool your finger gently and lightly start rubbing the paper off using water. It may take some time to get all the white fuzzy stuff off but it is worth it! Let it dry a bit and rub some more. Once I have it all off I will coat my image with some neutral shoe polish to protect my image from the paints and inks that I will use in my collage. If I get messy and I do it will come right off with out ruining anything.

I was very frustrated with the right side of the panel and could not make it there are about 6 layers of paint, gesso, paper, more paint and finally the oil pastels. I want to add some more to this around the bird house that is not so visible here. Maybe later next week. I like to start something and then finish it off later. The muse works that way some times.

Sarah is another image that will soon be available at Paper Imagery Designs. Watch this site for the grand opening special! You won't want to miss it. The owners of the new company are very excited about their new collage sheets. Collage sheets designed by an artist for artists!

Tessa 6x6 Collage on Canvas

I made this collage on canvas last night. Background done with Portfolio Oil Pastels and Golden Acrylic paints. Image is from Paper Imagery Designs...WATCH for a grand opening May 1, 2008!!!!

George showed up for Tea Time today

And he even brought his own cup! Nice to have him stop by for a visit.

How I do my backgrounds...

As soon as I can I will post a tutorial on how I do them. Probably not until next week. But to start I use cereal boxes for my base. Yeah that is right, just cut up that box instead of throwing it away. Nothing like recycling the right way. We reuse it.

Then I cover it with a couple of coats of gesso. Let it dry. That's all I will tell you for now. It really simple and fun. There is one tool that is very expensive and only allowed 10 per person and that is of course your fingers. Yeah I am one of those. Why use a brush??? You have to go and wash it out all the time and dry it out before you can use it again. I just use my fingers and keep a little bowl of water to dip in to rinse off any paint or whatever I get on it. So much cheaper and easier to use! And I can't loose it on my desk! :) Like I do with most things on it.

Till the next time, Peace to you!


Let me introduce you to another new image from Paper Imagery Designs! Isn't she just a little doll!!!

Background created with paints, oil pastels and stamped images. Collage image from Paper Imagery Designs!

Only a couple of more weeks and you will be able to see them all! They have some wonderful new never seen before images just waiting for you to play with and create your own works of art!


Another new image coming from "Paper Imagery Designs" this is the O'Connor Family portrait of the children.

Beautiful Tessa!

I have submitted this piece for Think Monday Think ATC.

I had fun with this background. Although for the most part it is the same as the other two listed below... after using the Portfolio Crayons I dripped a couple of drops of WHITE India ink and let it run down and then blended more of the crayons with the matte medium. Stamped the leaves and painted as in "George". Added decoupage images and Tessa using the matte medium.

Watch for more images of Tessa and the others coming mid May from Paper Imagery Designs!

Poem Excercise

Millande had this exercise posted so I did my version of it. You can download a file from her site and use them but I just printed off some words of my own and followed along. This is my tribute to her!

Meet Lila!

Lila is a new collage image that will be coming out soon. I made this collage of her done on a 4x5 canvas panel.

My friend Dorothy

This is my friend Dorothy. This picture was taken when she was about 5 years old, she is now 82 and just as lively as one can be! She allowed me to use her photograph for my art work. Thanks Dorothy!

The background was one with oil pastels. The egg was stamped on hand made paper.

And yes Dorothy will be a new collage image that will be coming soon in May!

How is your week going?

Mine has been very hectic! I have worked a lot this week so not having much time for art work lately. I am working on some samples for the Cruise in November. As soon as they are completed I will be posting them here on my blog and at the forum of "Crafting Cruises".

Strange behavior today by many wonder if it's the full moon? :)

Found an interesting site today...

My CD drive is not working for some silly reason and I love to listen to music when I am playing in my studio. I asked my son if he knew of a site that I could go to for some good music. He told me about

Well this is just awesome! You type in the name of an artist and they start playing music. WOW!!! OK so I am one of those old timers from the 70's and yes I love disco and not ashamed to admit it. I typed in Bee Gees and well this old gal is rocking all night long. ROFL!! Not sure how much art work I will get done because I am singing and dancing in my seat! HA HA!

There does not appear that there are any charges...well at least not yet. We shall see. You do have to register with them after you hear about 3 songs. I have been listening for over an hour and the Disco Queen is having a ball!


Thank you all for taking the time to answer my survey on the collage sheets. It was most informative and I must say you gals have a great sense of humor! :)

Congratulations to Becky S!!! I will email her and get her info to send out her prize!

Peace to all!

Artistic Voyage - Mixed Media Cruise

I am thrilled to announce that I have been asked to be a instructor on a fabulous sea cruise that will take place in November 2008.

Where is this cruise going you ask? It's a 5 day Caribbean Cruise out of Miami visiting Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel Mexico.

Who are in the instructors? Cyndi Duncan, Founder and Editor In Chief - Altered Arts Magazine, Lori Roberts (yeah that's right ME) - Senior Designer Altered Arts Magazine and Lauren Ferguson - Designer Altered Altered Arts Magazine.

This fun filled cruise is packed with classes fit for a Mixed Media Artist Queen AND you can bring your significant other along for the cruise and have a wonderful get-a-way!

Here is what I need from you! Please go on over to the site of Crafting Cruises Forum (CLICK HERE), and you must register (I promise it wont hurt a bit) and take a little poll that I have started. We would like to know what type of classes you would want to take if you were going!

Now you MUST register and PARTICIPATE in this little poll I will randomly pull a name out of the hat and will send the winner a nice surprise package. YOU DON'T have to register for the trip just the forum and MUST participate in the poll to be eligible.

Retail Value of the Prize OVER $50.00!!! Now how cool is that?

The cut off date to enter this contest is Sunday, March 23, 2008.

See Lauren's blog for more info! CLICK HERE!

I am in the mood for a giveaway! Instead of just everyone just posting here and leaving a comment, I would like for you to answer my survey. Only those who enter the survey and leave their email will be qualified for my giveaway.

What is the giveaway prize? Maybe an original piece of art or maybe some goodies or maybe both! But whatever it is "I Promise Delight"!!

Only one person will win the prize that will be randomly chosen.

I am interested in what you look for when you buy collage sheets. What better people to ask then my fellow artist.


Leave your email addy in the comment section at the poll where it says


Please answer each question, This will give you 4 chances to win. Duplicate emails will be deleted. Please only vote once for each question.

This is private and confidential and no one else will see it.

If you were referred by someone please leave their name and email addy also in the "TALK" section so we can give them their extra ticket for referring you.

What sort of collage sheets inspire you? Do you like them in black and white or sepia tone? Would you prefer fully colored or partial colored as in maybe their clothes are colored or some flowers? Do you like collage sheets with the same image colored and cropped differently? Would you prefer collage sheets with multiple images of different people? What about size? ATC size images or smaller? Is it easier to buy them as a download or printed, then shipped?

That's it! If you would please be so kind and answer these questions you will be entered in my giveaway. I will leave it up for a week and announce the winner. Pass the word on about my poll and have them mention your name to be entered twice. If you would like to leave a comment with each poll please feel free to do so and explain your answers better.

Your answers are private and confidential. No one else will see them but me.

If you go to the poll and it is not working please be patient and try again later.

Thanks again for all your help. The survey will end on midnight March 19th, 2008

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VoteWould you prefer colored, black and white or sepia toned collage sheets?
Color Black And White Sepia Black and White with some color

View Results

Poll powered by Free Polls VoteWould you prefer to download your collage sheets or have them printed then shipped to you?
Printed then shipped to me Download and I print

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Poll powered by Free Polls VoteWhat size do you prefer your images?
ATC Size Smaller then ATC Larger then ATC

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Poll powered by Free Polls VoteDo you like sheets with the same image cropped and colored different or different images?
Same image different style, crop, and colors Multiple Images Both Ways

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I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by my very good art friend Linda Cain. I am sharing 7 facts about me. So, if you were tagged, here's what you have to do:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok seven things about me (I am sure that my kids will say there are 100's or even 1000's! :)

1,) I will walk into the room where one of my kids are and start talking about something. They tell me I have random thoughts all the time and they have no clue what I am talking about.

2.)I have to say my prayers each night no matter how tired I am.

3,) I can't stand the smell of any kind of cooked egg! YUK!!! GAG!!!

4.) When I was pregnant with my first daughter I got so sick from the smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken and could not eat it for over 20 years.

5.) I can't wear PJ's always a night gown.

6.) I skipped school when I first got my license (I was only 16) and got a speeding ticket that day. I never told my parents and went to court all by myself. I even had to go to driver ed class to have the sentence reduced to illegal parking. Never told them!

7.) Last but not least I managed to dent the car door on my fathers new car (passenger side). I would park the car so he would not see it. He came home from work and said somebody hit the car at work! PHEW!!!! Ah no I never told him. eeek!

OK I have to tag 7 people they are all good friends and artists that I admire:

1.) Wanda H

2.) Mel H.

3.) Matthew

4.) Ligia

5.) Andrea

6.) Nathalie

7.) Sue Stringfellow

Ok that was not that easy to pick just 7 people. I could go on with my list of artists and friends. I have visited all the blogs of the people I tagged. I hope they have as much fun as I did.

Another Tip IN Page Theme - Floral Beauties

Ivette's theme was Floral Beauties. This is my page for her book. The gal in the center on the right hand side is an image from Altered Pages.