Ok so now I have to eat my words? They finally started to send me my emails to the blogs that I subscribe to and at first OMG they were AWFUL!

BUT....I received my email yesterday and WOW!!!!! Great guns! There were pictures, links and words that I could read!

WAY TO GO RSS FWD!!! Good job! And ok this format is soooooooo much better!

So I will use a fork and knife to eat my words!
Everyone have a GREAT WEEKEND!

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Dragonlady said...

I am right there with you, eating "crow" also..and like you I wasn't happy with it until now, they are actually including pictures in the post they are sending...
Now, I had deleted the blogathirm from my blog, how do I get a feed back up?
Maybe, I need to go to their site and see if there is a new one..