A lot of thinking going on...

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my art and what it might lack in terms of words, verses etc. I find at times it is difficult for me to place this form of art on my pieces. So I plan on concentrating more of why I have created this piece of art. What it says to me and what I feel. Rather then just slapping something together and placing it here. Hopefully as time passes you will see a difference in what I do. I am not sure why this has come over me all of a sudden. But I think I like the idea. Change is good! Well at least I hope it is! :)

I feel the need to create what is in me rather then following along. I may be on a different path in life right now and it makes me feel good.

Love and Light to all!

Polka Dots

Image is from Altered Pages.
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An ATC that I made this afternoon. Image is from Altered Pages.
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One is like being without

The kids went out on Sat. night leaving me home alone with the dog. It was so peaceful here that I did not know what to do! Ha! So I made a couple of ATC's. The background on these two ATC's were made with masking tape. I tore pieces and placed on my ATC and then painted the tape. I used Golden's paints. Stamped images are from Inka Stamps and man image from Ten Two Studios.

3 Reasons it takes courage

Here is the second one using the same technique. Stamps used are from Inka Stamps and image from Ten Two Studios.
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