TGIAPF and the theme is

This week's challenge was chosen by Robin Willis one of the Members of the DT for Altered Pages and she decided to honor Veteran's Day which is this Sunday here in the United States.

All countries in this world have Veterans and we challenge you to create something using the colors red, white and blue. You can use one or all of the colors to create and ATC, an altered book spread, a deco, tag, inchie, card....whatever you desire. The only rules are to follow the theme and you MUST use an image from Altered Pages.

Post your creation to the Altered Pages Gallery and be sure to let us know it is there so we can take a peek!!!

Theme Thursday - “Number 1″!

Well I am back for another week. Theme Thursday is to use the #1 on your piece of art. Here is my challenge for the week!

Welcome to my newly designed blog

I am happy to have you stop by and visit. I was having problems with my blog and no one could read it. My DD Melissa redesigned it for me and I am so thrilled over the new look! She took some of my favorite pieces of art work and collaged them PERFECTLY!! Added a new font with just the right color and SHAZAM!!!

Thanks Mel you are so talented! I am very proud of it now and love having people coming over for a spell.

If anyone wants to link up let me know and we can do that!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tip-In Swap

I have never done a Tip-In Swap! Well I see why they are fun to do. You don't have to send your AB to everyone in fear that it could get lost in the mail, the dreaded cost of sending them now, or taking the chance of ruining someones book. I still like the feel of the entire book in my hands. It just does something for the soul.

Here is the first one that I did. The theme of course was Asian and this was created for Martha. I found that my supplies in this theme are somewhat limited and worked with what I had. I will have to do another for Martha in a few weeks so I better do some shopping or searching for the next one.

T.G.I.A.P.F Challenges are coming in!

Go take a look at them! The gals are creating some gorgeous pieces...even a Christmas Ornament! Why not come on over! Each week there will be a different challenge posted to the YahooGroup site each Friday. You never know what we might think of. The only requirement is to use an image from Altered Pages! See you there!!!

Fire Fox vs IE

Well who would have thunk? I use Fire Fox for my browser. (My son makes me do that) and now I know why I would get emails from people telling me that they could not read some of my posts (too light).

You see when I view my blog in FF it shows me this dark background. Not the light one that everyone else sees. So I have changed some of my settings and I think it is ok.

Wait what about people that use Fire Fox? UGH!!! What do they see? I don't know for sure so if you use Fire Fox could you please be so kind to let me know.

Hope to get this darn thing resolved!