How is your week going?

Mine has been very hectic! I have worked a lot this week so not having much time for art work lately. I am working on some samples for the Cruise in November. As soon as they are completed I will be posting them here on my blog and at the forum of "Crafting Cruises".

Strange behavior today by many wonder if it's the full moon? :)

Found an interesting site today...

My CD drive is not working for some silly reason and I love to listen to music when I am playing in my studio. I asked my son if he knew of a site that I could go to for some good music. He told me about

Well this is just awesome! You type in the name of an artist and they start playing music. WOW!!! OK so I am one of those old timers from the 70's and yes I love disco and not ashamed to admit it. I typed in Bee Gees and well this old gal is rocking all night long. ROFL!! Not sure how much art work I will get done because I am singing and dancing in my seat! HA HA!

There does not appear that there are any charges...well at least not yet. We shall see. You do have to register with them after you hear about 3 songs. I have been listening for over an hour and the Disco Queen is having a ball!


Thank you all for taking the time to answer my survey on the collage sheets. It was most informative and I must say you gals have a great sense of humor! :)

Congratulations to Becky S!!! I will email her and get her info to send out her prize!

Peace to all!

Artistic Voyage - Mixed Media Cruise

I am thrilled to announce that I have been asked to be a instructor on a fabulous sea cruise that will take place in November 2008.

Where is this cruise going you ask? It's a 5 day Caribbean Cruise out of Miami visiting Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel Mexico.

Who are in the instructors? Cyndi Duncan, Founder and Editor In Chief - Altered Arts Magazine, Lori Roberts (yeah that's right ME) - Senior Designer Altered Arts Magazine and Lauren Ferguson - Designer Altered Altered Arts Magazine.

This fun filled cruise is packed with classes fit for a Mixed Media Artist Queen AND you can bring your significant other along for the cruise and have a wonderful get-a-way!

Here is what I need from you! Please go on over to the site of Crafting Cruises Forum (CLICK HERE), and you must register (I promise it wont hurt a bit) and take a little poll that I have started. We would like to know what type of classes you would want to take if you were going!

Now you MUST register and PARTICIPATE in this little poll I will randomly pull a name out of the hat and will send the winner a nice surprise package. YOU DON'T have to register for the trip just the forum and MUST participate in the poll to be eligible.

Retail Value of the Prize OVER $50.00!!! Now how cool is that?

The cut off date to enter this contest is Sunday, March 23, 2008.

See Lauren's blog for more info! CLICK HERE!