Gothic Arches Challenge

I have loved this site and not had the time to play and decided I needed to do something different so here is my entry for The Gothic Arches Challenge. Make sure you check out all the beautiful entries for this challenge. These gals are kicking it up a notch!

You can find the template for it here.

4 X 4 Friday Blue and Silver

There is always a first time for everything and I don't think that I have ever made a 4 x 4 knowingly! I saw that the challenge for 4 x 4 Friday was blue and silver.

I messed around with my alcohol inks earlier for another challenge and had this background sitting on my desk and wanted to use the tree stamp on it. Well since I used photo paper and not glossy card stock I found out you cannot use your heat gun on it or it will bubble. Oops~

So I took a piece of reg. card stock and colored it with chalk inks and then stamped my image and used my silver embossing powder. TA DA!! That EP has been around in my stash for toooo many years not being used. I wish you could see the silver in the background using the alcohol inks but it just won't scan!

I liked it so much I made it into a Christmas card! This only took about 5 minutes to do so I have some more of those silver "Merry Christmas" stickers so I will make up a few more cards to send out.

Theme Thursday Challenge

I needed some play time and love the challenges that are posted. Here is my challenge for Theme Thursday.

Mixed Media Monday Challenge

Natalie B. - from Australia chose backgrounds as the theme for this weeks challenge. I love working with alcohol inks! I just did a demo at Michaels Craft Store a couple of weeks ago and I was so surprised how many people do not know about them! I had so much fun with this demo but the best part was allowing the customers to play with me! Needless to say we ran out of some of the products oops!

So here is my challenge for Mixed Media Monday!

Thanksgiving Wishes to All


For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends. --Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Theme Thursday~Boy & Wednesday Stamper ~ Chair

Oh this has been a busy week for me so I hope you don't mind I combined two challenges today. Theme Thursday ~ Boy and Wednesday Stamper ~ Chair.

This is a coffee stained tag that I played with this morning! I think he looks a little prim.

Mixed Media Monday - Numbers

Mixed Media Monday's theme this week is "Numbers". I created this piece for the challenge. The background is colored in chalk inks. I masked the image first and then colored and stamped. Both the Bingo and Little Girl image who is called "Sally" are from "Inka Stamps".

TGIAPF and the theme is

This week's challenge was chosen by Robin Willis one of the Members of the DT for Altered Pages and she decided to honor Veteran's Day which is this Sunday here in the United States.

All countries in this world have Veterans and we challenge you to create something using the colors red, white and blue. You can use one or all of the colors to create and ATC, an altered book spread, a deco, tag, inchie, card....whatever you desire. The only rules are to follow the theme and you MUST use an image from Altered Pages.

Post your creation to the Altered Pages Gallery and be sure to let us know it is there so we can take a peek!!!

Theme Thursday - “Number 1″!

Well I am back for another week. Theme Thursday is to use the #1 on your piece of art. Here is my challenge for the week!

Welcome to my newly designed blog

I am happy to have you stop by and visit. I was having problems with my blog and no one could read it. My DD Melissa redesigned it for me and I am so thrilled over the new look! She took some of my favorite pieces of art work and collaged them PERFECTLY!! Added a new font with just the right color and SHAZAM!!!

Thanks Mel you are so talented! I am very proud of it now and love having people coming over for a spell.

If anyone wants to link up let me know and we can do that!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tip-In Swap

I have never done a Tip-In Swap! Well I see why they are fun to do. You don't have to send your AB to everyone in fear that it could get lost in the mail, the dreaded cost of sending them now, or taking the chance of ruining someones book. I still like the feel of the entire book in my hands. It just does something for the soul.

Here is the first one that I did. The theme of course was Asian and this was created for Martha. I found that my supplies in this theme are somewhat limited and worked with what I had. I will have to do another for Martha in a few weeks so I better do some shopping or searching for the next one.

T.G.I.A.P.F Challenges are coming in!

Go take a look at them! The gals are creating some gorgeous pieces...even a Christmas Ornament! Why not come on over! Each week there will be a different challenge posted to the YahooGroup site each Friday. You never know what we might think of. The only requirement is to use an image from Altered Pages! See you there!!!

Fire Fox vs IE

Well who would have thunk? I use Fire Fox for my browser. (My son makes me do that) and now I know why I would get emails from people telling me that they could not read some of my posts (too light).

You see when I view my blog in FF it shows me this dark background. Not the light one that everyone else sees. So I have changed some of my settings and I think it is ok.

Wait what about people that use Fire Fox? UGH!!! What do they see? I don't know for sure so if you use Fire Fox could you please be so kind to let me know.

Hope to get this darn thing resolved!


It’s “Thank Goodness It's Altered Pages Friday!
Each week we will post a challenge to the Altered Pages Yahoo Group. This is not a swap but just a challenge for everyone to play. There are times when we all need that little spark for our muse.

This week’s challenge will be "Paris". You can create an ATC, an AB spread, a deco, a 4x4, a tag or whatever your muse feels like! But please remember that you MUST use an image from Altered Pages collage sheets. You can post your challenge to the Altered Pages Gallery Pages Gallery.

Come on over and have some fun!

Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday

This is just the thing that you need to spark your muse! This weeks challenge was to use a script stamp of your choice. I made the two of these. This was so much fun and can't wait to see what next weeks challenge is.

Snowflake Ornaments

Can you imagine that Christmas is just around the corner? This is sure going to be different for me this year. Living in NY most of my life I am used to lots of snow! Snowflakes all over the place. So since there is no snow in Las Vegas then I decided to make some snowflake ornaments!

These were fun to do! I wanted different colors of snowflakes that were nontraditional so I got out my supplies and experimented and was very happy with my results. Of course I had to leave one that looked more like a real snowflake! LOL!
The images that I used are all from Altered Pages.

Those little Spider Webs

Thanks everyone for your kinds comments
about the cards.
I have had so many emails about those
little spider web corners.
They are from a package of confetti
that I bought at
Michael's for 99 cents.
Best $ I spent in a long time.

Happy Fall ya All!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year!

How could you not love Halloween! Fall is my favorite season
of the
Leaves changing colors, pumpkins
in the patch,
jack frost nipping at your nose.....
WAIT!!! That does not happen in
Las Vegas!
LOL!! Back home at this time
of the year you knew fall had
arrived. Mother Nature
would leave a gentle signature that things
were changing. Well not here!
It is very warm, we are still wearing shorts and the
AC is still on!
WHOA!! I am loving it! Of course
saw that dreaded
4 letter word "snow" in the mountains...
but that is very far away and I like it there.

I made some cards to send to friends
and family.
Using images from the past just makes
it even better!
The images used in these cards
came from
Altered Pages.

Some of the embellishments came from friends,
were store bought and I used the lettering from the packages
they came in. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy
them as much as I do. Many many more projects to come..
.I just have to find the time to get them all done. :0)


Altered Arts Magazine Get Together!

Talk about the best ART time
I have had since
I arrived in Las Vegas!!!!!!!

Last night at
Battista's Hole in the Wall
here in Las Vegas the gals
Altered Arts Magazine got together for some
fun and just plain art talk!!!

From left to right standing:
Senior Designer Robin M. Knutson,
Managing Editor Clara Stacko,
Founder and Editor-in-Chief Cyndi Duncan,
and me Junior Designer in the middle sitting.

The food was great but nothing could
top the fun and conversation that
we all shared!! I was in heaven!

Thanks for a great evening ladies!

My Walking Partner~

Here is my grand daughter Kennedy
that I take walks with.
She is catching on to finding things
for grandma's art.
At the age of two
I think we have a mixed media artist

Just Having Fun-Early Bird Challenge

Our new group
The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts
has a challenge this month
where you have to use either texture,
3-D paste, or molding paste - either a brass or plastic stencil,
or a rubber stamp, any type of paint, any color palette,
and you can add one found object and one other thing
of your choice.

Well, since I can't officially participate
in the challenge I just had to try it!
I used molding paste on a 5x7 canvas,
pressed a leaf from one of the trees
that we have here in the backyard,
I then applied a yellow glaze,
and then sprayed it with Ranger's
color wash. I applied some brown
polish to some of the areas to make
the leaf stand out more and then used
different colors of rub and buff.
I used the "found" rusted safety pin that
I gathered today and added some beads to it. I had fun with this!

Found Objects

Now that the weather is a little bit
cooler here in Las Vegas I can
take my grand daughter for walks
in the neighborhood. She loves
it and so do I. Today we only
walked a couple of small blocks
and in that short distance I found
all these things either in the
street or on a lawn. Ah... rusted bottle caps, rusted safety pins,
a nail, pieces of metal that I have no clue what they are.
Even a game piece! WOW! Now Mondays and Thursday
are garbage days so I think that I will be walking with my son
when he takes the dog for her nightly walk. There were all kinds
of things out on Sunday but my daughter would have thrown me
out! LOL! She just does not get it. Oh well.

Halloween ATC's

I wanted to play a little last night.
I had this mosaic background
stamp sitting on my desk and
thought that could be fun! So
I cut up some cardboard for
the ATC's and covered them
with gesso. I then applied chalk inks and heat set them.
I inked up the background stamp with India ink and
stamped the cardboard. It looked pretty good.
The images are from Altered Pages and I love the
that I can cut them and use parts of them for the mini
collages. I also love using Stickles on my ATC's! The last
one "Halloween Magic" was almost a flop. Against my
better judgement I bought an off brand of gesso and
was so disappointed. Never do that again. Well it is so thin
that you need to apply six coats before it works. So
I slapped it on REAL thick and decided to use my heat gun.
Well of course it bubbled and curdled and looked great!
So I kept doing it until I had some cool lines going on.
Then I applied more chalk inks. More bubbling! YAY!
So I got out some coordinating embossing powder
and applied that to it. WOW! Now were talking.
Glued on my image and words and of course
more Stickles!!! It was a good relaxing night with just
plain fun for me!

I always love a challenge!
(Thanks Cindy :)
World Win Papers
has a challenge posted on their blog.

This is my interpretation of it.
A little bit different than the others :)
The collage images that I used
Altered Pages. I used paints and glazes for my
background. Stamped a decorative stamp and then
added my images and a few embellishments.
This was fun. I loved doing this because you did not
have a theme; a sketch is provided and you create your
design. In my opinion, that gives the artist carte blanche to
create how they feel. I will have to try it again next week!

thank you everyone!!!

I was away for the weekend having fun with my mom!
Dinner, casinos, shopping etc and when I got home we
had this nasty worm on the computer! UGH! Had to
reformat everything and now redoing all the installs.
What a pain. Good thing that I was away and did not send
out any emails with that nasty worm.
Worms are only good for fishing. LOL!

Thank you all so much for the wonderful kind comments
about my tin box for Heather. It means so much to me.
I just did not want anyone to think that I was being
rude and not answering.

Ok now back to normalcy???
What ever that is?? ROFL!

Peace to all my friends!

Tricks or Treats??

Halloween is fast approaching and I just had to make something.
My very good friend Heather back in NY loves Halloween and
I made this for her. I think she will enjoy it. It was hard to get some
really good pics because of all the glitter on it. Heather loves
"gliiter"!! My plan is to fill with pretty tissue and add some fall
flowers inside. Now to find a box big enough for it! :)