Fire Fox vs IE

Well who would have thunk? I use Fire Fox for my browser. (My son makes me do that) and now I know why I would get emails from people telling me that they could not read some of my posts (too light).

You see when I view my blog in FF it shows me this dark background. Not the light one that everyone else sees. So I have changed some of my settings and I think it is ok.

Wait what about people that use Fire Fox? UGH!!! What do they see? I don't know for sure so if you use Fire Fox could you please be so kind to let me know.

Hope to get this darn thing resolved!


Linda Manning Findley said...

Lori I use FireFox and what I see is coco brown with small geometric designs in varying colors of brown on the sides then in the middle it's about a vanilla with coffee brown words and your banner is taupe to dark chocolate ... does that come close to what you wanted ....... Linda F

Lori Roberts said...

Thanks Linda! You have it right. My DD Mel is going to fix this silly thing for me when she has a moment from her busy schedule! That's not including her four children! LOL~