Halloween Project

I had to make a pumpkin for a contest at work. I love vintage Halloween and I saw a similar project in a magazine. So I decided to give it a go! He is made with 3 craft pumpkins that were spray painted black. A feather boa around his neck to keep him warm. Rather then carving his face we used a textured paste to create it. His hat is made from card stock that I swiped with gold ink and made black dots. Large chenille stems for his arms and a clay flower pot for the base. It was fun and I love him! No we did not win the district contest but what the heck! He was getting banged up at work and losing his parts. I brought him home for safe keeping! He stands nearly 3 feet tall!

It Rained Last Night!!!

I have been living in Las Vegas for nearly a year and a half and it has only rained twice. It rained very hard here last night and it was unreal! Streets flood, backyards flood and the roads are very slick like driving on ice covered roads back East. It was very pleasant this morning. Birds were singing and having fun in the bird bath. The smell from the rain was very refreshing and the grass was so green! You are on very strict watering here in the desert. So this rain was like a windfall to the plant life here.