I am in the mood for a giveaway! Instead of just everyone just posting here and leaving a comment, I would like for you to answer my survey. Only those who enter the survey and leave their email will be qualified for my giveaway.

What is the giveaway prize? Maybe an original piece of art or maybe some goodies or maybe both! But whatever it is "I Promise Delight"!!

Only one person will win the prize that will be randomly chosen.

I am interested in what you look for when you buy collage sheets. What better people to ask then my fellow artist.


Leave your email addy in the comment section at the poll where it says


Please answer each question, This will give you 4 chances to win. Duplicate emails will be deleted. Please only vote once for each question.

This is private and confidential and no one else will see it.

If you were referred by someone please leave their name and email addy also in the "TALK" section so we can give them their extra ticket for referring you.

What sort of collage sheets inspire you? Do you like them in black and white or sepia tone? Would you prefer fully colored or partial colored as in maybe their clothes are colored or some flowers? Do you like collage sheets with the same image colored and cropped differently? Would you prefer collage sheets with multiple images of different people? What about size? ATC size images or smaller? Is it easier to buy them as a download or printed, then shipped?

That's it! If you would please be so kind and answer these questions you will be entered in my giveaway. I will leave it up for a week and announce the winner. Pass the word on about my poll and have them mention your name to be entered twice. If you would like to leave a comment with each poll please feel free to do so and explain your answers better.

Your answers are private and confidential. No one else will see them but me.

If you go to the poll and it is not working please be patient and try again later.

Thanks again for all your help. The survey will end on midnight March 19th, 2008

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VoteWould you prefer colored, black and white or sepia toned collage sheets?
Color Black And White Sepia Black and White with some color

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Poll powered by Free Polls VoteWould you prefer to download your collage sheets or have them printed then shipped to you?
Printed then shipped to me Download and I print

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Poll powered by Free Polls VoteWhat size do you prefer your images?
ATC Size Smaller then ATC Larger then ATC

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Poll powered by Free Polls VoteDo you like sheets with the same image cropped and colored different or different images?
Same image different style, crop, and colors Multiple Images Both Ways

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