Circa 1965-1969

For many years I was trying to find a couple of my BFF sisters. We grew up together back in Buffalo NY. Through perseverance and the help of Face Book I found their younger sister and contacted her. I wasn't a 100% sure if she was their sister so I gave her enough information so she knew I wasn't a weirdo (but of course anyone that knows me won't totally agree with that! LOL) I was so thrilled to be reunited with Christine and Irene!!!

30 plus years we have been looking for each other. Irene had a couple of my pictures from high school. OMG!!! I laughed with tears rolling down. So I decided to share them here.

The far upper left picture is my freshman or sophomore year at Villa Maria Acedemy. Hair could not touch the collar of your uniform, when you knelt down that uniform better hang an inch down on the floor. NO jewelry, no bows in your hair and nylons with those ugly black penny loafers. Oh and did I mention that the uniforms were wool and long sleeve white blouses that were NOT permanent press? Oh they were so uncomfortable! And so hot in the summer.
Well I only went to Villa for 2 years and then my parents had me transferred to Cheektowaga Central where I graduated in 1969.

The middle pic is about 4 years old and represents me now and the one on the far right is my graduation picture from 1969. Those were the days!