One More Time!

Ok I showed these cupcake pops to my daughter Gennifer and suggested that perhaps my grand daughter Kennedy and her could make these. Well she tells me no way! OK! So 2 days later I get this phone call and the next thing I know we are off to the store to buy the supplies to make cupcake pops. LOL!

What a process it was! We made about 50 of these little chick pops and they came out pretty good. My grand daughter lost interest after a while and did not want to help. Trust me she licked as much of the chocolate that she could, do you think she went to bed early all sugared up? NOT!~ LOL!

It was fun and we have these pops all made for her day care party on Friday. I think we had enough of them for a while...or until the next time Ms Bakerella tempts us with more of her creations. I still think the idea of chocolate cake with peanut butter would be soooooooooo delicious.

Cupcake Pops

The other day I stumbled across this blog and was WOWED by what I saw and said these are the cutest! The name of the blog is: Bakerella. Make sure you visit her blog and make sure you go through the whole thing. There is so much there to see and I assure you will be delighted!

So I decided that I was going to attempt some of these sweet creations. I want to make them for one of the gals at work who's birthday is next week. So we did a trial run to see if I could make something decent.

Here they are all made up ready to be dipped! Now it is a messy job but I discovered that if you wet your hands the cake will shape better for you. Now don't get them too wet. Shake off the excess water and begin rolling them. Now it was hard for me to tell what the size of them were. So i made mine a little bit smaller then a golf ball. Ah that is way toooooooo big! Why you ask? Hmmmm because they become top heavy and fall off! Trust me! Further more Bakerella can get 45-50 from a batch and I only had 29. So i had to make them smaller. As a reference to size...Tootsie Roll Pop size. Perfect!

Here are the instructions for the basic pops! See if you can resist them! :)

Ok now my pictures of this process are not the best. Bakerella has got that on me! She takes the best pics of her work and just makes you want to reach out and touch the screen. But I was in a hurry and thought I would try and capture the moment.

You should put them in a piece of styrofoam to stand up in but I did not have any and I was not going to make another run to the store. So my son came up with this idea of placing them in the egg carton. It worked for a while but my top heavy first attempts were falling over and UGH what a mess that was! LOL! The egg carton worked for this time and I will buy one tomorrow so I have it when my daughter and I do them on Tuesday! Yep showed them to her and she wants to make them now. Ok!
Another view of the make shift egg carton. See them falling over! EEEEEEEEEK!
Another idea to do is to stand them up in a glass of suger! Bakerella tells you that. Duh I missed that reading and my good friend Heather back in NY had to tell me that over the phone. Oh well! Who said I read directions? It does work better then our egg carton!

The End Results

They came out pretty good if you ask me. For my first try what the heck! My daughter wants to make the little chicks? HUH?? Are you kidding me? Have you seen how PERFECT her's are? OMG!! CLICK HERE to see her's and then you have to promise you won't laugh at mine!

It was fun to do and I even had my 20 year old son in the kitchen with me helping out. It's good to have an extra hand with you when you are doing this. His job was putting on the sprinkles. Oh and how do they taste? DELICIOUS! I used a lemon cake with vanilla frosting. But I have been thinking here all afternoon that chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting??? YUM~

If you decide to make them let me know. Email me or leave a comment with your blog so I can see them!