Time to Clean Out the Closet!!!!

I have so much stuff and need to make room for more, you know how that goes! We as artists are always cleaning out and revamping and redoing things...well I am and need to make room for more art supplies.

Contact me and we can make a deal on the rubber stamps...I have loads more to offer to stay tuned!

Computer crashed!

You hear about it happening to others but never think it could happen to you! Well it can and it did! OMG! Lost EVERYTHING! It makes me sick to think about it...learned my lesson you bet! Can you say BACKUP!! Back to square one...and hopefully make a come back. Thank goodness for my brother installing a new 500 gig hard drive for me...kicking butt now! LOL!

Cricut Scrabble Tile Bracelet

This bracelet was also made with the scrabble tiles.  The letters were cut with my Cricut Personal Cutter.



Scrabble Tile Charm Bracelet

I have so many of these tiles I thought it was time to do something with them.



Cricut Key chains

I was sitting here the other day and was not inspired to create art work and wanted to play around with my ever ending stash of jewelry findings, beads, tools etc. etc. etc. So I thought what could I do with them.

Key chains! But not any ordinary key chains, key chains for a specific type of lady (or gent) that could get a kick out of these.

First of all I apologize for some of the not so great pics. My new camera decided to belly up and they want $90 to fix it. No I did not take out the insurance when I bought who would have thunk! Lesson learned! Hey for less then $90 I can buy another one new.

Here is the first key chain:



Here is what I did with the flower that I made.

Hard to scan it and I am NOT a good photographer but you get the idea!

Baby Cakes

I have not had time to make any art in the last year. I had bought some of that flocking and it was there on my desk saying "try me"! So I did. I used it on the cupcake bottom. I think this is going to be one of my favorite new things to play with