Snowflake Ornaments

Can you imagine that Christmas is just around the corner? This is sure going to be different for me this year. Living in NY most of my life I am used to lots of snow! Snowflakes all over the place. So since there is no snow in Las Vegas then I decided to make some snowflake ornaments!

These were fun to do! I wanted different colors of snowflakes that were nontraditional so I got out my supplies and experimented and was very happy with my results. Of course I had to leave one that looked more like a real snowflake! LOL!
The images that I used are all from Altered Pages.


Angela said...

Oh, I love them, especially the last one! They look so delicate, like real snowflakes.

Have you seen this snowflake page?

Eastjewels said...

OMG Lori.....these are darling, if I had your address in Vegas I would make you a snowflake and send it to you. I am sure it wouldn't be a precious as yours but a girl from NY can never have to many snowflakes.

Eastjewels said...

OMG Lori.......your snowflakes are darling. If I had your address in Vegas I would make you a snowflake and send it to you. I"m sure it won't be as precious as yours but You know a girl from NY can never have tooooo many snowflakes.

Mary S Hunt said...

they are adorable!
and they made me smile.

Lori Roberts said...

Hey Angela! Thanks for the link! That is so kewl! I bookmarked that one.

Alphaneenee said...

I love them Laurie, especially the experimentation with color. Great job!

Annie-Penn said...

Lovely as always Lori. Thanks for the inspiration:)
Annie P

Donalda's Blog said...

Girlfriend those are just gorgeous!!!!!! I just love them

Inka said...

Oh my gosh, I love these. I have these snowflakes all over my house at Christmas time…. unembellished. I would have never thought to do this but will have to do some for this year for my tree too. I am a Christmas fanatic .. lol ... Thanks for the lovely idea!

Izabella~ said...

You moved to Vegas!?

I am here too! So excited to know there is another artist here!! yay!!

you know...a few winters ago, we did have snow here, about 4 inches! It was the first winter that we moved it here from Washington, it was you never know whats in store with the weather here ;)

looking forward to keeping up with your goings on here~

xx ~Izabella

cain81 said...

They are wonderful!!! But it does snow in Vegas!!!