A lot of thinking going on...

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my art and what it might lack in terms of words, verses etc. I find at times it is difficult for me to place this form of art on my pieces. So I plan on concentrating more of why I have created this piece of art. What it says to me and what I feel. Rather then just slapping something together and placing it here. Hopefully as time passes you will see a difference in what I do. I am not sure why this has come over me all of a sudden. But I think I like the idea. Change is good! Well at least I hope it is! :)

I feel the need to create what is in me rather then following along. I may be on a different path in life right now and it makes me feel good.

Love and Light to all!


Wanda H said...

Lori, all your atcs are wonderful!!! Personally I don't think your art lacks at all... it's all so well put together and always gorgeous!!! But if you'd like to do more words, I say go ahead and play... these have been wonderful!!! It's funny... I've been thinking lately that I need to try and do some things without any words on them... I could do that once upon a time but it's really hard anymore :-))

Alyice Edrich said...

I wish I could see the image to this post but it isn't coming through, just a box with an X. That being said, I hear what you are saying. I am in the same boat. Actually I've decided to go with what feels right to me, instead of trying to conform, too.

For over a year, I'd been talking about jumpstarting my art business and getting my creative mojo back after years of hiatus but I couldn't bring myself to conform, I wanted to just do something that felt right at the time of creating so I kept putting it off and off and off. And when I did try something, it felt forces and oh, so very wrong.

Today, I can honestly say I feel so much better about what I am creating--even if it's not what I thought "others" would expect of me.

Can't wait to see where your journey leads...

Sea Dream Studio said...

I love your thoughts on this aspect of the creative process.
Your work is lovely.
take care~Dale

Val F. said...

I can very much relate Lori, because it has occurred to me that I rarely put words or text on my art. However, up to this point it hasn't bothered me that much or given me pause, so I'm not sure what that means. I love words and their meanings, so I don't know why I don't use them in my art much.

Maybe it's something I need to think about and mull over to know how I feel about that. Thanks for this post.

Val Foster

Phinnyart12 said...

You said, "I feel the need to create what is in me...." Amen! Yes, yes, yes - I resonate with that, too. For me - I look at other people's art, I read a lot and am always looking for more techniques to learn. But in the end, it is to create art IN MY OWN VOICE, ya know? The more I learn the better I am at what I do, but ultimately whatever comes out of me (if it is authentic)will be MY OWN. So, yeah - I hear what you are saying here and I love that quote.

- phinnyart