My friend Dorothy

This is my friend Dorothy. This picture was taken when she was about 5 years old, she is now 82 and just as lively as one can be! She allowed me to use her photograph for my art work. Thanks Dorothy!

The background was one with oil pastels. The egg was stamped on hand made paper.

And yes Dorothy will be a new collage image that will be coming soon in May!


JACKIE M said...

That is Beautiful Lori and lovely knowing the person in the photo.

Wanda H said...

You've mentioned a couple of times that these will be new collage images... do you sell collage images?? or are you going to start? And this is an adorable piece!! So nice of her to let you use the picture.

Dawn said...

HOW wonderful that Dorothy let you use her picture - you did her proud with this piece x

Faye said...

Lori, this is delightful.