Blogrithym is gone!

UGH! The other day I received an email telling me that blogrithym was bought by someone else and the transition would go smoothly and you would continue to receive your daily emails of the blogs that you subscribe to. OK 4 days have gone by and nothing! COME ON!!! There were many sites that I subscribed to and enjoyed them so much. Not one email not one update! Why do they have to go and change a good thing? UGH!~ So what happens to the folks that subscribe to my blog or to your blog? Probably in cyber space some where. Maybe they will get it fixed or not.

Oh well what can you do? Send an email? HA! Would they listen to ya. Probably not.


drmarty62 said...

Hi Lori
I read my blogs on google reader. Find it much better than blogarithm.
See what you think

Sandi said...

I was very upset by this too!!! I think that unless the blog has an RSS feed, it won't be monitored. I tried hard to make sure my blogs were all bookmarked before this happened, but know I didn't get them all! I'll check out Google Reader.

Dragonlady said...

I am miffed about this as well, I didn't know they were doing this, I haven't gotten any update in quite a while.....but like you said what can we do?

Trish Bee said...

I too was using blogarithm and finally yesterday after 5 days I got my first email from the new service - ARGH! It was mumbo jumbo code and totally unreadable!! No links to click on and no pictures or anything and nothing to click on to edit the settings either! Reluctantly Im now using Google Reader which is ok and allows you to import your existing subscription file over so I didnt lose anything - thankfully!