How I do my backgrounds...

As soon as I can I will post a tutorial on how I do them. Probably not until next week. But to start I use cereal boxes for my base. Yeah that is right, just cut up that box instead of throwing it away. Nothing like recycling the right way. We reuse it.

Then I cover it with a couple of coats of gesso. Let it dry. That's all I will tell you for now. It really simple and fun. There is one tool that is very expensive and only allowed 10 per person and that is of course your fingers. Yeah I am one of those. Why use a brush??? You have to go and wash it out all the time and dry it out before you can use it again. I just use my fingers and keep a little bowl of water to dip in to rinse off any paint or whatever I get on it. So much cheaper and easier to use! And I can't loose it on my desk! :) Like I do with most things on it.

Till the next time, Peace to you!


wahm922 said...

So glad to hear you recycle those boxes. I do the same myself but sometimes I worry when doing swaps that I'm not being "professional"

Oh and those 10 tools, they are the best aren't they?

Laura said...

Great ideas, thanks! Can't wait for more.I'm glad to hear you share the finger tool technique, too!
With paint under her fingernails, Laura