You Make My Day Award

Gayle from "A Stampers Touch" and a good artist friend of mine awarded me with the "You Make My Day Award! What a nice thing to wake up to this morning! "The rules for the “You Make My Day” award are to re-present it to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times, and if you do, consider yourself really, really loved. So to pass it on and keep the love going ~ here are 10 of the 100's of blogs that keep me inspired and bring a smile to my face. Check them out when you have a few minutes... perhaps there are some new friends to be made!

You know it is very difficult to only choose 10 because there are so many!!! So I will list those that are very dear and near to me and those that have offered inspiration and friendship to me over the years!

Melissa Because she loves fairies and delights the world with her creations! She is the mother of four beautiful children and still finds time to create. You go girl! Remember Mel near or far you are always in my heart.

Linda Cain - we have been art friends for a while. She is most kind and generous. I am so happy to know her! And a very talented artist!

Clara Stacko - is the Managing Editor of "Altered Arts Magazine". She certainly deserves this award because she has to put up with me! She edits my articles and that in it's self is one heck of a job. Thank you Clara for all you do!!!

Cindy Roland Cindy and I go back to the days when I first started rubber stamping many many years ago. I met her on "StampSmith" yahoo group more then 10 years ago!

Estelle - Ah now there is a lady! Estelle is the owner of "The Stampsmith" Rubber Stamp Company located in NY. Her rubber stamps are just beautiful and top notch! If you love photo art stamps then this is the place for you!!

Tim Holtz Need I say anymore!

Suze Weinberg A truly remarkable and talented woman! She is always there to stimulate you with new and exciting ideas and her videos are just spectacular! An inspiration for all of us! Suze you rock on girl friend!!!!

Gillian Allen the heart and soul behind Art-E-Zine! Where else can you go to view some of the most spectacular art work of many artist! Thanks Gillian!

Mary Jo McGraw oh WOW!!! My Idol! Some day I will get to meet her!

Last but not least and oh I wish I could send out 110 more awards....

Cyndi Duncan Founder, Editor-in-Chief of Altered Arts Magazine and Altered Book Club your Mailbox Muse! Thank you Cyndi for giving me the opportunity to work with you and the magazine.

Ok there it is 10 blogs, friends, sites that I frequent, keep in touch with or just enjoy so much!

Peace to all my friends!


Linda Cain said...

Oh, Lori, you are too sweet! I just saw your name on Suze's newsletter!!! You GO, girlfriend!
Thanks so much, we've been through a few things together, though miles apart! The best things in life include..
Friends In ART,

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea to recognize people who do so much to inspire us day in and day out. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea Plotts said...

Your Blog makes my day!!! I travel weekly to your blog for inspiration and admiration from your wonderful creations!

Thanks for making my day!

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