Thank you all!

I really appreciate all the positive comments both here and personally. To answer a couple of questions. The canvas that I used was a board canvas that I cut with an Exacto knife. I broke through the board and then cut with scissors. I am so impatient and not so good with one of those knives. I sanded the edges and then glued decorative paper on the back of them. Treated the canvas with some gesso and painted with acrylic paints. Applied the tissue paper and then the napkins using gel medium.

As far as those lovely butterflies...I just took a piece of card stock and painted them with acrylic paints. Using a coral, yellow and a soft green that I just squirted on and used a foam brush to splat the paint around. Once dried I used my favorite ink pad India Black Ink from Stewart Superior and then cut them out. You can't see in the photo but I layered the butterflies. There are at least 3 of them just using some pop dots to give it dimension.

The large butterfly on my dad's picture is a lace butterfly that also was painted. The wings of that butterfly are also raised to give it more depth.

I was going to connect them but decided that they would look great on the mantle resting on book plates.

Peace to all my friends!


altered melissa said...

i love butterflies and i have a gifty for you on my blog!! said...

Thanks for sharing this entry on 001StampArtists. What a beautiful sight for sore eyes!