Relaxing this afternoon!

The weather has not been very warm for this time of year here in Las Vegas. We have had a couple of days in the 80's but that was it so far! 62 is not very warm if you ask me! Better then getting 6 inches of snow. A couple of my friends called me today to let me know about their little snow storm. I can say with a great big smile that I don't miss it one bit. So I sat in the yard drinking my coffee and relaxing after half cleaning my room, doing the laundry, getting dinner ready etc. etc. etc. While I was sitting there a beautiful little humming bird decided to visit me. Oh what a piece of art work from Mother Nature! He was so busy fluttering about he did not notice me. A humming bird only a foot away is such a site to behold!

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Dragonlady said...

You are so right, Mother Nature is a full pallette of art.....Enjoyed seeing your art pieces too...hope you have more time to art soon...