Hearts for our Troops Update!

Where do you find the words to thank so many that made this possible? The out pour of support from so many of my friends that belong to many of the same Yahoo groups that I do was way beyond what anyone could imagine. So many of you were so kind, thoughtful and oh so supportive!

I asked a couple of weeks ago if anyone had any Valentine images to share so that we could use them to make Valentine's cards for our Troops stationed overseas. Not only did I get an abundance of them I also received many beautiful hand made cards! I have posted some of the pictures here of some of the cards that I received. Let me tell you that they did not just send one of each but many!!! There were so many more but either I did not have a scan or we were so busy that day we forgot to get pictures of them all. Especially the ones that were made by the children. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

The workshop that was held at Michaels had to be moved to a different date due to the time needed to get them to our men and women in time for Valentine's which caused some little problems but nothing that we could not handle.

These pictures of the children that attended the workshop eagerly making Valentine's just melt your heart!

The supplies were donated by YOU and Michaels Craft Store here in North Las Vegas! Those tiny little hands creating cards full of love and joy! There were also other ladies that attended to make this event successful.

I want to personally thank Cyndi Weinbaum, Amy Remillard, Leslie Dick, Nance Jones, Dawn Regalman, Fran 2000a1 (don't have her last name), Donna Gray, Gail Schmidt, Kim Borchardt, Kayla Fujimoto, Nicki Conroy, Leslie Clark, Amanda Howard (click on Mandy's name to see her work she sent cards all the way from the UK!!), Susan Shute, Ligia Rios (she is such a sweet heart and OH SO talented) and her friend Sherry (friends that were there making cards in the pictures) Inka Stamps, Robin S Monville and last but not least the beautiful children of North Las Vegas! There were others that attended but they were camera shy! :(

From the bottom of my heart I can't thank you all enough for your support, love and kindness that you have given so freely!

Love and Peace to all my friends!

Lori ^i^


Dawn said...

Things like this restore faith in human nature - what a great job you did with all your little helpers xxx

Wanda H said...

Lori, this is fabulous!!! What a wonderful time and a wonderful thing to do!!!
I love your ATC book in the current issue of Altered Arts magazine and was inspired by it :-)) I've posted an atc on my blog and have another get posted also.