Time to Clean Out the Closet!!!!

I have so much stuff and need to make room for more, you know how that goes! We as artists are always cleaning out and revamping and redoing things...well I am and need to make room for more art supplies.

Contact me and we can make a deal on the rubber stamps...I have loads more to offer to stay tuned!

Computer crashed!

You hear about it happening to others but never think it could happen to you! Well it can and it did! OMG! Lost EVERYTHING! It makes me sick to think about it...learned my lesson you bet! Can you say BACKUP!! Back to square one...and hopefully make a come back. Thank goodness for my brother installing a new 500 gig hard drive for me...kicking butt now! LOL!

Cricut Scrabble Tile Bracelet

This bracelet was also made with the scrabble tiles.  The letters were cut with my Cricut Personal Cutter.



Scrabble Tile Charm Bracelet

I have so many of these tiles I thought it was time to do something with them.



Cricut Key chains

I was sitting here the other day and was not inspired to create art work and wanted to play around with my ever ending stash of jewelry findings, beads, tools etc. etc. etc. So I thought what could I do with them.

Key chains! But not any ordinary key chains, key chains for a specific type of lady (or gent) that could get a kick out of these.

First of all I apologize for some of the not so great pics. My new camera decided to belly up and they want $90 to fix it. No I did not take out the insurance when I bought who would have thunk! Lesson learned! Hey for less then $90 I can buy another one new.

Here is the first key chain:



Here is what I did with the flower that I made.

Hard to scan it and I am NOT a good photographer but you get the idea!

Baby Cakes

I have not had time to make any art in the last year. I had bought some of that flocking and it was there on my desk saying "try me"! So I did. I used it on the cupcake bottom. I think this is going to be one of my favorite new things to play with

Circa 1965-1969

For many years I was trying to find a couple of my BFF sisters. We grew up together back in Buffalo NY. Through perseverance and the help of Face Book I found their younger sister and contacted her. I wasn't a 100% sure if she was their sister so I gave her enough information so she knew I wasn't a weirdo (but of course anyone that knows me won't totally agree with that! LOL) I was so thrilled to be reunited with Christine and Irene!!!

30 plus years we have been looking for each other. Irene had a couple of my pictures from high school. OMG!!! I laughed with tears rolling down. So I decided to share them here.

The far upper left picture is my freshman or sophomore year at Villa Maria Acedemy. Hair could not touch the collar of your uniform, when you knelt down that uniform better hang an inch down on the floor. NO jewelry, no bows in your hair and nylons with those ugly black penny loafers. Oh and did I mention that the uniforms were wool and long sleeve white blouses that were NOT permanent press? Oh they were so uncomfortable! And so hot in the summer.
Well I only went to Villa for 2 years and then my parents had me transferred to Cheektowaga Central where I graduated in 1969.

The middle pic is about 4 years old and represents me now and the one on the far right is my graduation picture from 1969. Those were the days!

Golden Digital Grounds

Ok so tonight I am not looking for cake decorating videos. We were talking about this new product that Golden came out with and I was not familiar with it. Well hold on Stella! I went to the Golden site to read up on it and what do I find? Videos on how to use this new product! OMG! Does this mean that I have to run over to Blicks to check this product out? I guess so.

CLICK HERE to watch the videos at Golden's site. There are two videos to watch and you will be just as anxious as me to go and buy some! Can you say ROAD TRIP?!?!?! LOL!

Let me know what you think of this and if you have tried it. If you have any other tips to add please do!


Rachel The Traveler

This past May my grand daughter Rachel went to DC for her class trip. Her mom sent me some pics that they took and this one is my favorite! They had loads of fun and were completely exhausted when they arrived home. I can't think of a better place for kids to go and absorb so much of our country's history.

One More Time!

Ok I showed these cupcake pops to my daughter Gennifer and suggested that perhaps my grand daughter Kennedy and her could make these. Well she tells me no way! OK! So 2 days later I get this phone call and the next thing I know we are off to the store to buy the supplies to make cupcake pops. LOL!

What a process it was! We made about 50 of these little chick pops and they came out pretty good. My grand daughter lost interest after a while and did not want to help. Trust me she licked as much of the chocolate that she could, do you think she went to bed early all sugared up? NOT!~ LOL!

It was fun and we have these pops all made for her day care party on Friday. I think we had enough of them for a while...or until the next time Ms Bakerella tempts us with more of her creations. I still think the idea of chocolate cake with peanut butter would be soooooooooo delicious.

Cupcake Pops

The other day I stumbled across this blog and was WOWED by what I saw and said these are the cutest! The name of the blog is: Bakerella. Make sure you visit her blog and make sure you go through the whole thing. There is so much there to see and I assure you will be delighted!

So I decided that I was going to attempt some of these sweet creations. I want to make them for one of the gals at work who's birthday is next week. So we did a trial run to see if I could make something decent.

Here they are all made up ready to be dipped! Now it is a messy job but I discovered that if you wet your hands the cake will shape better for you. Now don't get them too wet. Shake off the excess water and begin rolling them. Now it was hard for me to tell what the size of them were. So i made mine a little bit smaller then a golf ball. Ah that is way toooooooo big! Why you ask? Hmmmm because they become top heavy and fall off! Trust me! Further more Bakerella can get 45-50 from a batch and I only had 29. So i had to make them smaller. As a reference to size...Tootsie Roll Pop size. Perfect!

Here are the instructions for the basic pops! See if you can resist them! :)

Ok now my pictures of this process are not the best. Bakerella has got that on me! She takes the best pics of her work and just makes you want to reach out and touch the screen. But I was in a hurry and thought I would try and capture the moment.

You should put them in a piece of styrofoam to stand up in but I did not have any and I was not going to make another run to the store. So my son came up with this idea of placing them in the egg carton. It worked for a while but my top heavy first attempts were falling over and UGH what a mess that was! LOL! The egg carton worked for this time and I will buy one tomorrow so I have it when my daughter and I do them on Tuesday! Yep showed them to her and she wants to make them now. Ok!
Another view of the make shift egg carton. See them falling over! EEEEEEEEEK!
Another idea to do is to stand them up in a glass of suger! Bakerella tells you that. Duh I missed that reading and my good friend Heather back in NY had to tell me that over the phone. Oh well! Who said I read directions? It does work better then our egg carton!

The End Results

They came out pretty good if you ask me. For my first try what the heck! My daughter wants to make the little chicks? HUH?? Are you kidding me? Have you seen how PERFECT her's are? OMG!! CLICK HERE to see her's and then you have to promise you won't laugh at mine!

It was fun to do and I even had my 20 year old son in the kitchen with me helping out. It's good to have an extra hand with you when you are doing this. His job was putting on the sprinkles. Oh and how do they taste? DELICIOUS! I used a lemon cake with vanilla frosting. But I have been thinking here all afternoon that chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting??? YUM~

If you decide to make them let me know. Email me or leave a comment with your blog so I can see them!

Arch Challenge that i Missed :(

You know when you only have every other weekend off it's hard to find spare time to do artwork. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE my job but it sure does cut into my play time. There was an arch challenge a couple of weeks ago and I did not get mine done in time. WHAAAAAA! Oh how I wanted to play in that one. Oh well. What's a girl to do? So here is the one that I made. It's hard to tell in the pic but it's very dimensional. I used pop dots on the images and then raised the little bird. It's really kewl looking in person! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such warm messages. I think I might go do some blog hopping myself!

New Tim Toys!

Ok so I got a few new toys to play with (like I really need more stuff) and most of them were from Ranger. I used my favorite Distress Inks and the alphabet mask. Now I always use cosmetic sponges to apply my ink but I broke down and tried Tim's blending tool and I kind of like it. What the heck a girl needs some new toys now and again! LOL!! Stamped a couple of images using the paint dabbers.

Relaxing this afternoon!

The weather has not been very warm for this time of year here in Las Vegas. We have had a couple of days in the 80's but that was it so far! 62 is not very warm if you ask me! Better then getting 6 inches of snow. A couple of my friends called me today to let me know about their little snow storm. I can say with a great big smile that I don't miss it one bit. So I sat in the yard drinking my coffee and relaxing after half cleaning my room, doing the laundry, getting dinner ready etc. etc. etc. While I was sitting there a beautiful little humming bird decided to visit me. Oh what a piece of art work from Mother Nature! He was so busy fluttering about he did not notice me. A humming bird only a foot away is such a site to behold!


This is a 6 x6 covered canvas that I applied paints for the background and then glued my image with gel medium. Crumpled some tissue paper and glued it down with gel medium. I them dry brushed it with paints and then covered it with textured paper that has been sitting around for a long time. I then dry brushed with more paints and shoe polish. The metal word was silver that I painted black and then added black embossing powder.

Altered Frame

The frame that I altered resembled a bird house but I decided I did not want that and took out the bird perch. I created my little collage on the wood backing of the frame using paints and inks. I love that bicycle charm. As soon as I saw that I had to make something with it. Blue Moon as come out with the gorgeous like of vintage charms called "Tokens". I want them all!!! So many to choose from. I only got a couple of pics of this and then the darn batteries went on me! I will go out later and get some because I forgot to charge the other ones! LOL! I need to get used to this fancy camera that I got for Christmas. Too many bells and whistles!

Spring is HERE!!!!

The temps here last week were in the 80's! How nice! Flowers blooming, the smell of fresh cut grass, open windows that allow that fresh air to come in! So in honor of spring I altered this wooden box.
The images of the little children are from PID. All the other material that I used to alter this can be purchased at Michaels even the Easter cards that are 3 dimensional. They have some incredible things for Spring and Easter!

Enjoy the new Season!

It was simply FANTASTIC!!!!!

Well the show was a hit as it has been for the last 49 years which is the longest running show in American History. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to witness history. The Vegas Show girls were beautiful, talented and smiled through their entire performance.

Les Folies Bergere was at it's finest! Now I believe the show originated back in the late 1800's. I wish I could tell you the next time you are in Vegas to see this show but sadly it is coming to an end the 27th of March this year. The dancing, singing, acrobats and of course the costumes! MAGNIFICENT!!!

There were also a Chinese Twin Brother Acrobat act that was awesome! And then the comedian Michael Hill I think...I forgot his name (dear me) was funny.

We had great seats right in front and it just could not get any better then that! Oh what a night it truly was!

My first Vegas Show!

Ok I have been living here for nearly 2 years and have not gone to any of the shows here. How sad. BUT....tonight my mother and I are going to one!!!

Folies Bergere has been running for over 50 years and it will be closing it's doors later this month. I am really excited about going to see this one.

Hmmmmm maybe I better take my camera and see if I can get some pics!

OneWorld-One Heart Two Winners will be chosen!

Hey everyone!! I have been so busy for the last few months that I have not had the chance to post anything. Well that is over and what better way to start then to participate in the One World-One Heart Give-a-way! To win the prize all you have to do is leave a comment here!


What I have for this wonderful event are TWO prizes to give away!

The prize package will contain a signed and dated ATC that are framed in their own gold frame. Along with the ATC I will also include a package of Clear stamps from Inkadinkadoo! It will be random who gets what package.

The prize is one ATC in it's gold frame along with a set of one package of Clear Stamps.

I am so thrilled to be able to participate in this event! Please make sure that I have a way to get in contact with you in case you are the winner. I will announce the winner on Feb. 12! GOOD LUCK!

A Mothers Touch

This is one of my favorites! This is for the monthly ATC Jackpot that we have.

"B" Challenge


Pretty In Pink

Halloween Project

I had to make a pumpkin for a contest at work. I love vintage Halloween and I saw a similar project in a magazine. So I decided to give it a go! He is made with 3 craft pumpkins that were spray painted black. A feather boa around his neck to keep him warm. Rather then carving his face we used a textured paste to create it. His hat is made from card stock that I swiped with gold ink and made black dots. Large chenille stems for his arms and a clay flower pot for the base. It was fun and I love him! No we did not win the district contest but what the heck! He was getting banged up at work and losing his parts. I brought him home for safe keeping! He stands nearly 3 feet tall!

It Rained Last Night!!!

I have been living in Las Vegas for nearly a year and a half and it has only rained twice. It rained very hard here last night and it was unreal! Streets flood, backyards flood and the roads are very slick like driving on ice covered roads back East. It was very pleasant this morning. Birds were singing and having fun in the bird bath. The smell from the rain was very refreshing and the grass was so green! You are on very strict watering here in the desert. So this rain was like a windfall to the plant life here.